About Us

MBDTC offers obedience, rally and agility practice for club members as well as AKC competition opportunities.  Please click the links below to read more about each of these disciplines. The club is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and as such
is licensed to hold Obedience, Rally and Agility Trials.  Dogs that are registered, Indefinite Listing Privileged (ILP), Purebred Alternative Listed (PAL) or Canine Partners by the AKC compete at trials to earn obedience, agility and other titles.


Our membership is composed of all kinds of people, the common thread being a
profound love of dogs. We have members who are intense competitors in the trial
ring, some who train to the minimum level needed to earn titles, some who enjoy
training but not showing, some own purebreds, some own mixed breeds, and some
own both. Some of our members compete in other venues such as agility, herding,
tracking, lure coursing, conformation, earthdog, etc. Other members are active in areas
of canine service such as TDI (Therapy Dog International), Delta Society or READ
(Reading Educational Assistance Dogs). Still others are active in rescue.


President:  Heather Dickinson

Vice President:  Denice Drass

Treasurer:  Winona Leard

Secretary:  Susan Clement

Member at large:  Laura Rose Cole (Training Director)

Member at large:  Christine Schlecht

Member at large:  Barbara Montejo